Sanacorp Germany

The Sanacorp pharmacist cooperative is one of the leading pharmaceutical wholesalers in Germany. The approx. 8,000 members can achieve more collectively than individual members ever could. By pooling their interests, independent pharmacies are able to take advantage of a confident and effective partnership without sacrificing their autonomy. Sanacorp’s core competence is the comprehensive, cost-efficient and reliable supply of medicines and health-care products to pharmacies. Over and above this core competency, pharmacy members are supported by services in line with market requirements and by targeted activities for all types of pharmacy-specific issues ranging from logistics, to ideas for product ranges, to marketing.

Sanacorp as a pharmacist company promotes the economic advancement of its members and customers in Germany. The pharmacists actively influence Sanacorp’s company policy via the Supervisory Board and the meeting of representatives. With around 8,000 cooperative members, pharmacist-owned Sanacorp is the longest-standing pharmacist cooperative in Germany; in 2014, from 16 sites, with almost 3,000 employees, it generated sales of EUR 4.1 billion.


Sanacorp Pharmahandel GmbH
Semmelweisstraße 4
82152 Planegg
Telephone: ++49 89 8581-0
Fax: ++49 89 8581-260